When you’re planning home improvements, you want your projects to pay off. The kitchen is the center of most households and if you’re planning to sell, it’s an important room to update. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a full kitchen remodel or just make a few DIY upgrades. Check out these kitchen remodeling ideas that add value to your home.

Add Value to Your Home with New Light Fixtures

If you have outdated light fixtures, replace them with something more modern. You can find replacement globes online or at your local hardware store if you simply need to replace broken or missing bulbs. Add under-cabinet lighting with bar lights that plug into any standard outlet. If you do not have a spare outlet, choose battery-powered, stick-on LED lights that press on and off.

New Countertops Add Value to Your Home

Most people consider new countertops when planning for a kitchen remodel. If you have a large kitchen, a new top will be visually impactful. Materials range from high-end granite to budget-friendly Formica. DIY homeowners can create their own concrete countertops. To make them, measure the tops and create an approximately 2-inch deep wooden mold. Fill it with concrete, which you can stain. Once it is dry, pry off the frame, sand, and install.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Cabinets

Cabinets can be refreshed with paints or stains if they are in good condition. It is a time-consuming but inexpensive project that will pay off in the end. All of the doors and drawers need to be removed, prepped, painted, and reinstalled.

While the doors are off, sand and paint the bases of the cabinets as well. Buying new handles and drawer pulls is another easy way to change the feel of the space. If you are installing handles on solid doors, look for an installation kit with a template. The template will help you install the handles in the same place on each door.

New Flooring

Add value to your home with new flooring for the kitchen. The best choices for this area include tile, laminate planks, and vinyl. Tile is strong and water-resistant. Laminate flooring is available in various colors and textures. It’s easy to find at home improvement stores and suitable for DIYers. Vinyl is sturdy, durable, and the least expensive option.

While hardwood floors are an option, they’re generally not the best choice for the kitchen. Hardwood flooring in the kitchen requires a little extra maintenance to stay in good shape.

Add a Backsplash

Not all kitchen remodel ideas are expensive or time-consuming. Updating or adding a backsplash can change the look of the kitchen and the task can be completed in a day or two, depending on the size of your kitchen. Choose from tiles in a variety of colors and textures and apply them to the wall for an instant upgrade. There are also peel and stick options. A new backsplash adds color to your kitchen and protects the walls above your counter.

Sink and Faucet

The sink and faucet get a lot of use and will experience wear and tear. If they are looking old or worn, replace them. When upgrading a sink, it is easiest to select one that has the same dimensions as the current basin.

If you are up for a little cabinet remodeling, look at farmhouse sinks. These sinks are trendy and have a unique style. To install, you will need to cut the facing in front of the sink, reinforce the frame, and then slide the farmhouse sink into place. Select an attractive water-saving faucet to complete your upgrade.

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