Mold damages your property and can cause health problems for homeowners and their families. Let’s look at some of the common causes of mold growth in the home.

What You Do May Cause Mold Growth

When it comes to mold in the home, many homeowners immediately think of flooding, extreme rainfall, busted pipes, and other major problems that are out of their control. While these events can certainly cause mold growth, there are also some mistakes you might be making that increase the chances of mold in your home.

Over-Watering Plants

When there’s excess water in a planter, it encourages mold. If you notice a thin layer of fuzzy growth on the top of your soil, use a gardening shovel to scoop off an inch or so of dirt and dispose of it. Replace the moldy dirt with fresh soil and read up on the appropriate amount of water to give your plant.

Ignoring Leaks is One of the Most Common Causes of Mold Growth

Homeowners often make the mistake of ignoring small, seemingly minor leaks for too long. Maybe you have a leak in your toilet or there’s a tiny puddle forming under the kitchen sink. Even a small amount of water creates an environment conducive to mold. It’s best to handle any leaks as soon as possible to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Neglecting Spills

If water is spilled, it’s easy to ignore or overlook the puddle. It’s only water; it won’t stain. Whenever you spill liquid on a carpet or rug, it can still cause mold problems by keeping the area beneath your carpet damp. No matter how small your spill, always take a few minutes to soak up any liquid completely.

High Humidity in the Home

Some areas of the country experience higher humidity than others. In general, you don’t want your house’s humidity to exceed 60%. This is the point where condensation will appear on your windows, floors, and walls, contributing to mold in the home. Use a dehumidifier in areas that are especially damp, like in a bathroom with no ventilation fan or in the basement.

Letting the Bathroom Remain Wet

Showers, damp towels, and regular hand-washing make it difficult to keep a bathroom dry. However, make sure water doesn’t stay in the room for extended periods or mold could grow. Use your ventilation fan after each bath or shower, or open a window to give the heat and moisture time to escape.

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