An unfinished basement isn’t as attractive or functional as a finished one. If you want to update your home, check out these popular basement upgrades that will make the most of your below-ground square footage.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Basement?

Adding finished square footage to your home adds value. You’re already paying for the space that your basement takes up. Make the most of this blank slate on your property. These projects do not need to be expensive; many homeowners opt for DIY projects which helps cut down on the up-front costs of many easy basement upgrades.

Determining Your Basement’s Utility

If you’re thinking about finally updating your basement, you likely have several ideas for its potential uses. Ask yourself what things you may not have room for throughout the rest of your living space. Some basements will have useful features like outdoor access or large open areas that aren’t available in the rest of the home. Think about any appliances or equipment already there and the risks associated with pets or children.

Do you need space for a hobby? Do your children need an open area to play? Your answers to these questions will allow you to decide the best use for your basement. 

Fun Ways to Update Your Basement

Your basement can take on a different character than the rest of the house. Consider some of these options to make the basement a fun space:

  • Paint the walls a bright or bold color 
  • Convert your basement into a craft studio
  • Invest in an indoor playset for younger children
  • Turn your basement into an in-home theater 

Practical, Easy

Once the kids are older, it might be time to refinish the basement into something with a bit more utility. Any of these easy projects will turn your basement into usable space in no time:

  • Add an in-home office and escape interruptions
  • Create a guest suite for friends and family to relax in when they visit
  • Curate a personal library or collection 
  • Consolidate your fitness equipment and give yourself the convenience of an at-home gym

Whichever home improvement project inspires you, check your local zoning regulations if you intend to alter your home’s usage drastically.

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