Fall brings relief from the hot summer days. Milder weather means it’s a perfect time to roll up your sleeves and keep yourself busy with fall home maintenance projects.

Summer weather can take a toll on your home, leaving it vulnerable to the elements. For many homeowners, the hot humid weather in summer is not ideal for working around the house. However, the more moderate temperatures of fall make it easier to tackle repairs ahead of severe winter weather.

5 Necessary Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

In fall, these tasks help prepare your home for winter. Boost energy efficiency and make your living spaces more comfortable with a few basic improvements.

1. Inspect the Roof

After the heat and storms of summer, the roof of your home may have cracked or broken shingles. If the damage is extensive and you can’t make repairs yourself, call a professional to assess and fix your roof. It is best to tackle roof repairs in the early fall so you won’t have to call a repair crew during winter.

2. Fall Home Maintenance: Clean the Chimney

During cold winter weather, you might burn wood in the fireplace to keep your house warm and save on utility bills.

Because there is rarely a reason to use the chimney during summer, animals like squirrels, mice, birds, and bats might have taken residence in it. Hire a professional to clean your chimney thoroughly and purchase seasoned firewood so you’ll be ready for chilly weather.

3. Clean the Gutters

Falling leaves accumulate on the lawn and in the gutters. Clear the gutters to allow water to flow freely away from your property. Clogged gutters can overflow, leading to damage to the roofing and siding, and to water seeping into the basement.

4. Winter Weatherproofing

Winter is a time when most people experience higher energy bills in an effort to keep the home comfortable. Weatherproofing makes your home more energy-efficient so you’ll have more affordable heating bills.

Look for gaps and cracks around doors and windows. Anywhere you can feel airflow is a space that needs to be better sealed. Use silicone caulk to fill holes and cracks. Weatherstripping is often applied on the bottom of a door and around windows to prevent cold air from leaking in.

5. Service the Furnace

Before cold weather arrives, have your furnace inspected and repaired by a trained service technician. This way you’ll know that your heating system will be ready to handle even the coldest days of the year.

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