There are many fireplace tools and accessories that you should keep in your home for safety and convenience. Here is a list of tools and accessories you should invest in before the cold season arrives.

Fireplace Tongs

Fireplace tongs are essential fireplace tools for picking up burning logs and moving them around to provide air for the fire. Tongs are versatile and can double as pokers.

Tongs help you to lift and position logs, allowing the fire to burn with more control. Choose the ones that can easily move and grasp large logs when shopping for tongs.

Blow Poke and Bellows Are Essential Fireplace Tools

A blow poke helps you give the fire more air. This is the most effective way to stoke a fire when it has been burning for a long time.

The poker injects fresh air into the middle of the fire through its long pipe and small hole. One benefit of the blow poke is that it allows you to maintain a safe distance from the fire.

Bellows serve the same purpose as pokers. If you do not have a blow poke, the best alternative is fireplace bellows. When the two handles of bellows are pulled apart, they are filled with air, and pushing the handles back together expels this air, feeding the flames. 

A Broom is a Fireplace Tool You Already Have

One of the essential fireplace tools for cleanliness is the broom. Ash builds up with each fire and can end up on the walls and corners of the fireplace.

It is vital to remove the ash from your fireplace regularly. Brooms come in various sizes. It’s best to invest in a broom that will reach the corners of the fireplace.

Andirons are Fireplace Tools That Hold Logs

An andiron is a bracket built to support logs. Andirons come in pairs. They allow air to circulate under the firewood and help keep logs from rolling out of the fireplace. The fire will burn more evenly without needing tending as often. 

Fireplace Rugs

When burning wood, if you do not have an extended hearth, you should invest in a fireplace rug, one of the most important fireplace tools for safety.

In the fireplace, some glowing embers or sparks can blow out of the fireplace to the floor. The fireplace rug protects your flooring from being damaged by these sparks. Fireplace rugs come in all shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are arched and oval.

There is no better feeling during the winter than coming in from the cold to a warm home. Invest in some of the listed tools for a clean, safe, and functional fireplace.

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