Organizing Your Garage

Many homeowners use the garage to store equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous items. Your garage will become a mess if you don’t properly organize your belongings. Invest in garage storage solutions to keep your garage tidy and clutter-free.

Utilize Overhead Space

Since parked cars often take up most of the floor area, it’s important to get creative about where to put your stuff. Create more storage by utilizing the overhead space. Make sure your overhead garage storage solution doesn’t interfere with the garage door.

These ideas will help you increase available storage:

  • Attach a storage rack to the ceiling.
  • Use overhead storage bins.
  • Attach hooks to the ceiling to hang items.
  • Install a bike hoist system to store your bikes.

Invest in a Custom-Made Workbench for Garage Storage

You’ll need a quality workbench if you use your garage for projects, but they can take up a lot of floor space. A workbench customized to fit the garage will give you a place to work while leaving space for other things. A pull-down workbench or one with storage drawers are popular space-saving options.

Use Corner Spaces

If you are running out of garage storage solutions, make use of the corners in your garage. Look for shelving to fit corners or hire a carpenter to make custom-made corner shelf units.

These shelves are great for keeping small items that could easily get lost when placed on bigger shelves. Remember that corner shelves don’t need to be complex. Simple shelves should do as you only need them to hold smaller items.

Install Pegboard

For the collection of hand-held tools in your garage, install a pegboard on your wall. Storing and organizing tools is easy and functional with pegboard. If some of your tools aren’t compatible with standard hooks, purchase specialized hangers to help you organize hard-to-hang tools.

Add Shelves to Increase Garage Storage

Most garages become disorganized and cluttered when there aren’t good options for storage. Install sturdy shelving units to help organize your stuff. These shelves will free up your workbench and floor space too. Use clear plastic bins and label them with the contents to easily find things when you need them.

By using some or all of these garage storage solutions, you’ll have a tidier space and an easier time finding things in your garage.

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