Keeping the Holidays Safe

Families usually come together for the holidays and it’s important to keep everyone happy and safe. Here are some tips on home safety for the holidays.

Practice Home Safety for the Holidays by Reducing the Chance of a Fire

Many people gather around the fireplace during the holidays. It’s important to inspect your fireplace yearly and have it cleaned before lighting your first fire of the season. This includes checking the guard, damper, chimney, and chimney cap.

Always use the proper fire tools to manage the fire. Coals can stay hot for several hours or even days after the fire’s extinguished. Never leave a fire unattended and supervise kids and pets when the fireplace is in use. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies.

If you have a tree on display for the holidays, this is another fire hazard and safety concern. Reduce the risk of your tree igniting by watering the base and keeping it far from the fireplace. Use low-temperature LED lights for decorating the tree since they’re not as risky as traditional bulbs. Do not use any lights that are malfunctioning or broken and make sure to unplug them before leaving the home or going to bed.

If you light candles for the holidays, keep them away from anything flammable and put them out if you leave the room. Even better, look online and in your local hardware store for flameless LED candles to eliminate any risk of fire.

Ensure Home Safety for the Holidays When Cooking and Baking

The most common place for house fires to start is in the kitchen, especially during the holiday season. In order to reduce the risk of kitchen fires while cooking or baking, keep all flammable items like napkins, kitchen towels, and paper plates away from stoves and ovens.

If there are multiple people preparing food, designate specific spaces for them to cook. All pans should have their handles turned in to keep them from being accidentally knocked off the stove. Clean up spills as soon as they occur, especially if they contain grease or alcohol.

Home safety for the holidays includes keeping children and pets out of the kitchen to avoid accidents.

Traveling Safely

Traveling is often part of the holidays and can be risky due to the weather and traffic. Check the forecast for slick roads and possible road closures before beginning your trip. If traveling with children or pets, make sure they are safely buckled into their appropriate car seat. Never drive or allow anyone else to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Have fun and remember to stay warm, cozy, and safe this holiday season.

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