Often the first impression a potential buyer gets from your house is from the street. Judgment based on the exterior condition and appearance can affect the sale of the property. Read on to learn about how to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Keep the Exterior Maintained to Improve the Curb Appeal

To improve curb appeal, consider what a homebuyer sees when they first arrive at your home. Will they be greeted by loose shutters, a sagging porch, and overgrown shrubs? A poorly maintained exterior discourages buyers from taking a tour of the interior. Mow the lawn, improve the landscaping, weed flower beds, power wash the siding, and make needed repairs to the outside of the house.

Keep the Lawn Clear to Improve the Curb Appeal

One appeal of homeownership is having space for personal property and to host gatherings. When you are listing your home for sale, clear the yard clutter. Children’s toys, bicycles, and yard games should be stored away while your home is on the market. Encourage potential buyers to see the property as their own by keeping the lawn clear of personal items.

Find an Area to Focus On

Think of the front view of your house as a work of art. It should have a focal point. Paint the front door a bold or vibrant color to bring focus to the entrance. Create an orderly appearance by placing flower pots on both sides of the door or by planting bushes on either side of the walkway. People are naturally attracted to symmetry.

When preparing to sell your home, improvement to the exterior will make a difference. Impress a buyer with well-maintained landscaping, a flawless paint job, and an attractive front entrance. Follow these tips to improve the curb appeal before putting your home on the market.

Before listing your house, have a thorough assessment of the condition of your property. Anderson Home Inspections offers pre-listing home inspections for sellers in Central Ohio. Contact us to request an appointment.