Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

When selling your home, you want your house to appeal to potential buyers. If you have a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of your property, you’ll be in a better position to present it in the best possible light. Order a pre-listing inspection to gain insight about your home’s true condition before placing it on the market.

1. Know What To Repair

A pre-listing inspection will help you discover issues with your home that may affect your ability to sell it. You have probably budgeted for home improvements and repairs as part of the pre-listing process. Order a pre-listing inspection to better understand what repairs are needed and how to prioritize them. As an informed homeowner, you’ll be able to make the most effective updates before putting the property on the market.

2. You Won’t Be Caught Off Guard

When you order a pre-listing inspection, you won’t be surprised by the results in the buyer’s inspection. A pre-listing home inspection will uncover these issues so that you can be the first to know about them. Then you can react accordingly, either by fixing the problems or adjusting the price and disclosing it to the buyer. When you have factored an issue into the list price and made that clear from the beginning, the buyer won’t have a good reason to negotiate even lower.

3. Determine a Fair Price for Your Home

There are many factors that affect the listing price of a home. One of the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection is that you will have a better understanding of the value of your home. Your real estate agent can help you determine average prices for similar homes in your area. Having a complete list of defects, problems, and potential repairs will help you decide if you want to make repairs to bolster the property’s value or list it as-is.

4. Order a Pre-Listing Inspection to Instill Confidence In Buyers

When a buyer sees that you have ordered a pre-listing inspection, they will likely have fewer reservations about buying the house. You may even choose to show the buyer your pre-listing inspection report to build trust. Giving the buyer confidence can make the closing process happen more quickly.

To prepare your home before listing, order a pre-listing inspection. You stand a much better chance of selling your house quickly, with minimal negotiations, and for the highest price possible.

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