After winter, you are probably eager to enjoy the outdoors again. Welcome the pleasant weather by performing necessary home maintenance. Here are a few tasks to prepare your home for spring.

Spring Cleaning Forgotten Areas

One way to prepare your home for spring is to clean areas you tend to neglect. Dust the corners of rooms and tops of door frames, remove cobwebs, and wipe down the window blinds.

Move large furniture and appliances to clean beneath them. Deep clean the carpets and wash curtains and upholstery. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean your dryer vent thoroughly. Removing lint built up inside the vent will help prevent house fires and allow your dryer to run more efficiently.

Remove Debris from the Gutters to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Clogged gutters can damage your home’s foundation and landscaping if the rainwater overflows. Remove leaves, twigs, and debris from the guttering channels. After cleaning, flush the gutters with a garden hose to verify water is flowing freely through the gutters and out of the downspouts.

If the gutters overflow after cleaning, you have a clog somewhere. Spray the garden hose down the downspout to dislodge clogs. Alternatively, use a plumber’s snake. Inspect the gutters for areas of rust or leaks and make repairs as necessary.

Clean the Yard

When preparing your home for spring, clean the yard. Collect leaves, twigs, downed branches, and debris from the lawn and dispose of them. If you have a mulching mower, shred the leaves. They will decay and provide compost for your grass. Removing debris from the lawn prevents pests from finding shelter there.

Another part of yard maintenance is pruning trees and shrubs. Remove dead and diseased branches growing over the roof and driveway or close to the home. Call an arborist to prevent property damage and injury if the branches are high.

Prepare Your Home for Spring: Check the Air Conditioning System

Have the air conditioning system inspected before warm weather arrives. Hire an HVAC technician to tune up the system, clean the unit, and make necessary repairs.

Cut tall grass and remove leaves and twigs around the exterior AC unit. This will discourage pests from the area and make it easier for the HVAC pro to access the system.

Spring is the perfect time to do a thorough home cleaning and take care of maintenance around the house. Spring offers an opportunity to get your home back in great condition if you’ve put off repairs because of winter weather.

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