Could termites be destroying your home? Many homeowners don’t think so because they’ve never actually seen a termite. However, many homeowners learn too late that termites have gone unnoticed for weeks, months, and sometimes even longer. It’s important to recognize the signs of termites in the home to protect your property from the damage that this pest causes.

Hollow Timber

Termites eat wood from the inside out and often can’t be seen from the exterior. One way to detect invisible termite damage is to knock on wood and listen for a hollow sound. If the wood sounds hollow inside, it’s a possible sign of termite damage.

Mud Tubes are Signs of Termites in the Home

Mud tubes are made by subterranean termites who use them to travel from the ground to the wood structure of the home. If you notice brown tunnels on the exterior of your home, about the width of a pencil, they were probably made by termites.


If you notice frass (termite feces) around your home, it’s a good idea to call a professional termite inspector. Termites leave frass behind, which is made up of tiny, round pellets. Piles of frass are usually located near the site of the infestation and resemble mounds of sand or sawdust.

Swarmers and Wings are Signs of Termites in the Home

Swarmers are termites that fly around in search of a new place to form a colony. They’re oftentimes seen near doors and windows. Swarmers discard their wings, so piles of wings on window sills are also a sign there may be a termite problem.

Common Signs of Termites in the Home

The signs of termites in the home we’ve listed here are among the most common. Don’t ignore any of these signs. Hire an inspector and learn firsthand if your home has a problem so you can address it swiftly before significant damage is done.

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