It can be fun to experiment in the kitchen, but trying new recipes can make a mess. Simplify your kitchen cleanup routine with these easy-to-follow tricks to keep the space spotless.

Clear the Counters

It’s impossible to clean thoroughly if you have cluttered countertops. Here are a few tips for clear, organized counters with more space to work.

  • Throw out or donate duplicate kitchen gadgets.
  • Use a spice rack or Lazy Susan to hold herbs and spices.
  • Clear the surfaces of mail and clutter.
  • Re-evaluate if you need all the souvenir dishes/mugs/dishtowels you’ve collected over the years. 

To Simplify Cleanup, Create a Place for Everything in the Kitchen

Make sure every item in your kitchen has a place for easier kitchen cleanup. It’s easier to unload the dishwasher and put ingredients away if you’re not struggling to fit everything in the cabinets and drawers. When purchasing a new kitchen gadget, decide where it will go and what you can get rid of to make space.

Do the Dishes as You Go

While preparing food, do the dishes a few at a time. It’s much less overwhelming to clean as you go than waiting until the end of the meal.

Give Yourself Room to Work

Your kitchen cleanup will be faster and easier to manage with regular basic upkeep, so remember to:

  • Take out the kitchen trash regularly.
  • Throw away out-of-date leftovers in your fridge.
  • Clean debris from the sink drain and garbage disposal.
  • Unload the dishwasher at the end of the wash cycle.
  • Discard items such as chipped mugs and storage containers with no lids.
  • Clean the counters and cutting boards daily.

Organize Your Pantry for Easier Kitchen Cleanup

Keep your pantry shelves organized to make ingredients easier to locate. Dedicate each shelf or drawer to a specific type of product, such as breakfast items, baking supplies, and snacks. Keep everything visible, and you can easily see what’s in the cabinets.

Simplify Kitchen Cleanup: Hang Items for Storage

Another way to simplify your kitchen cleanup is to hang frequently used items. Display pots and pans on a hanging rack. Hang utensils, potholders, and measuring cups from hooks or a pegboard. 

Minimize Décor to Simplify Kitchen Cleanup

Keep your kitchen from looking disorganized and cluttered by cutting down on decorations like fridge magnets and memorabilia. Fewer things on the countertops make for a more efficient kitchen by freeing space for items you regularly use.

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