Getting a home inspection is an essential step before closing on your real estate purchase. Home inspections alert buyers to minor and major issues with a property. Some of the most vital areas that a home inspector focuses on are the foundation, the roof, and the main systems of a home. If problems are found, the homebuyer will have to deal with repair expenses in the future.

Issues Found in Home Inspections Include Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is one of the most common issues found during a home inspection, especially in older homes. The wiring may lack the power needed to supply modern electrical usage. Some of the wiring problems that may be discovered come from exposed wires, aluminum wiring, and loose connections. The inspector will also check that the outlets in the home are grounded.

Leaky Plumbing

Leaky plumbing also makes the list of issues frequently found in home inspections. Out-of-date plumbing systems can cause water damage if hidden leaks aren’t found and repaired quickly. The entire system may need to be replaced, so it’s good to know the extent of the problem before moving forward with the sale. Some of the other things inspectors check are water pressure and slow drains.

Foundation Problems are Issues Found in Home Inspections

Problems with the foundation can be caused by tree roots, the home settling, or damaged materials. During a home inspection, the foundation is examined for problems that might cause windows to stick, sloped floors, and uneven door framing.

Foundation problems can lead to major expenses down the road if they’re not fixed within a reasonable timeframe. If significant flaws are found, this might be a sign of underlying issues that can cause even more structural problems in the future.

Roofing Issues

The roof is a key area in the home inspection report. A damaged or failing roof can cause interior and exterior water damage. Since replacing an entire roof is costly, it’s important to know about any roof issues with the house you are buying. Missing or damaged shingles, rotted roofing boards, and deteriorated flashing are all warning signs to look out for.

Outdoor Drainage

Outdoor drainage issues are commonly caused by improper grading that allows water to flow back towards the foundation. This can lead to foundation damage and mold in the basement or crawlspace. The gutters are also an important system for directing water away from the home. They should be kept clear of debris and securely attached to the house. Make sure the downspouts have extenders to keep water away from the foundation.

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