Remodeling is an exciting but chaotic process. It upends your normal routine and displaces your belongings until work is complete. Meanwhile, life doesn’t stop just because you’re undertaking a major kitchen remodel. Check out these three options for storage during remodeling to help reduce the stress of home improvements. ‏

Choose a Temporary Room for Storage During Remodeling

‏The easiest and least expensive option for storing your belongings‏ ‏is to designate another area of your house as a storage room. With this solution, you won’t have to pay rental fees to a third party, you can maintain access to your stuff, and you won’t have to move anything outside of your household. ‏

A guest bedroom can make a useful storage space, or perhaps you can give up the home office and work elsewhere while your living room or bathroom gets an upgrade. ‏

‏While this is a reasonable solution for quick remodels, it will become frustrating to see your open space fill with boxes. For a remodeling project that will take more than a few days, move all but the most essential belongings to another location. ‏

Use a Self-Storage Facility‏

‏Self-storage facilities lease spaces of different sizes on a weekly or monthly basis. Access to the site is restricted and there are security protocols in place to protect your belongings. You will need a padlock to secure your individual storage unit. ‏

‏When choosing a facility, it’s important to know that some storage units are climate-controlled while others are not. Pack your self-storage container wisely, with items you are less likely to need further in the back, and more frequently used items closer to the door. It’s frustrating to drive across town to pick something up only to realize it’s buried behind a mountain of boxes.‏

‏Rent a Portable Storage Container During the Remodel

‏If you have the budget and the space, a portable storage container is the most convenient option for storage during remodeling. Rental rates vary depending on your location and how long you need the container. A container that is 12x8x8 feet can cost as little as $110 a month. ‏

‏With a portable storage container, you can store your belongings without taking over other areas in your home. Best of all, you can walk out into the yard or driveway to access your stuff, rather than driving across town to a self-storage facility.

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