The front porch is one of the first things guests see when they visit your home. Make the porch warm and welcoming and you’ll provide a positive first impression. Here are a few easy ways to update your front porch.

Clean it Off

To make your porch look fresh, begin by removing everything from the area. Plants, patio furniture, even the doormat should be cleared away. Next, thoroughly clean the porch. Scrub the floor, wash the windows and screens, wipe down the walls, and remove cobwebs from the ceiling. If the floor or porch railings are particularly dirty, rent a pressure-washing machine to clean them.

Update Your Front Porch With Color

Take a look at the freshly cleaned porch and decide where you might add color. Some easy options are painting the shutters, the front door, or window trim. A freshly painted front door adds bold color to the entryway of your home. Some plant pots with flowers also add a burst of color to the porch.

Freshen Up the Furniture

Scrub your outdoor furniture and give it a fresh paint job. If the patio furniture is metal or wicker, spray paint is an inexpensive way to provide a new coat of color. Wooden furniture can be sanded down and stained. Add comfortable cushions and a few throw pillows.

Add an Outdoor Rug to Update Your Front Porch

Use an area rug to define the space on your front porch. Choose a rug for the sitting area and a new doormat for the entrance. Outdoor rugs are available in many colors. They are UV resistant and easy to clean with a garden hose.

Install New House Numbers

Trade out faded, rusting, or outdated house numbers for new, modern pieces. House numbers are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

Update the Lighting

Fall is approaching and the days are getting shorter. Make sure your porch is well-lit. Install a new lighting fixture, add a pendant light, or hang string lights in the space. If new fixtures aren’t in your budget, clean up the old fixture and wash the globes. You can greatly improve a dated light fixture with textured spray paint.

These are several quick and easy ways for you to update the front porch. The space will feel cozy and inviting and you’ll boost curb appeal.

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